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How We Work

Our nursery is situated in the quaint village of Lund, East Yorkshire, based on a family run farm. Old Macdonalds Nursery has its own woodland area, Orchards and extensive outdoor play areas. Because our Nursery is based on a working farm it enables us to take part in a variety of farming activities every day; from growing our own vegetables, collecting fruit from our orchards, visiting the animals and playing on the bales! We think a bit differently too, our staff inspirer our children to love beautiful and interesting things, just like us adults do! We believe in listening to children a lot, and this is displayed through our child centred planning and learning approach.  We know if we help children work out what they are interested in, what questions they have and what they like to explore, they will be more motivated to learn. 
Old Macdonalds cares for children from birth to five years, across four individual, well designed rooms that where converted over 20 years ago from the old Manor Barn. The rooms hold small numbers of children, and these rooms suit their interests and developmental stages. Our rooms are welcoming, and embrace our country environment with an emphasis on natural, everyday-life items.

Home: About Us

Our Rooms

Our four indoor learning environments

Chicks Room (0-1 years)

Your journey can start at Old Macdonalds in any of our rooms, but our youngest room is the chicks. This is a calm, caring responsive environment for our youngest children to explore and learn. A place to experience joy and wonder whilst feeling safe and secure. 

Ducklings room (1-2 years) 

Still within our baby unit, you will transition into the duckling room. Another room full of adventure, a place to freely explore and learn whilst promoting independence.  

Lambs room (2-3 years) 

Still in keeping with our home from home environment we move up the nursery to the Lambs. In this room we are beginning to establish more predictable routines, everyday is still a whole new adventure for us as we continue to build on creativity and imagination. 

Calves room (3-5 years)

Finally we move to our pre school room, a room that buzzes with positivity and responsibility as we prepare children for their next chapter of starting school. 

Home: About Us

Its not how much you do, but how much you love doing.


Each day, we make deposits in the memory banks of our children.

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Our Promise

Nurturing confident, caring and curious children is our passion and our promise.

Old Macdonalds first opened it's doors in January 1999 at Manor Barn after the barn was renovated by the owners. The nursery allows children to be at one with nature and the outdoors with a strong farming ethos. The care of our animals and environment is the absolute core of what we do, spending the majority of our days outside- whatever the weather! 

Old Macdonalds is a small family run business that gives children and their families that personal experience.  We know our families very well and have an open door policy. 

As you may be aware we are situated in a quiet country village and the community is very important to us. We often get involved in village events and traditions. We like to show our children the importance of supporting each other in all areas of life. 

We know that our team is the most precious resource any nursery has - here at Old Macdonalds we have an outstanding team of practitioners who are passionate about early years.  

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