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Our Team


Sara Paton and Katie Beasley

Management Team

Here is our management team! The people behind the scenes, who work tirelessly to ensure we support our practitioners in the best way we can. Appreciating every opportunity we have to create the best childcare we can.

I have worked in the nursery for 11 years now () and can honestly I love my role! By my side is my right hand girl Katie, who’s always there to keep the nursery running smoothly. There is no ‘I’ in team and the best team is what I have.

Katie & I share an office and friendship which makes the best recipe for success!

Ducklings Team!

Katie and Katie

Here's our ‘Ducklings’ practitioners, Katie Hallett & Katie Froggatt!
Both highly trained in Early Years and brilliant with our babies. Katie & Katie work hand in hand with their neighbours, the chicks room.
Many of our new starters will be meeting these fabulous practitioners this week on their visits, we cannot wait for you to join our journey

Lambs Team!

Lauren P, Bethany and Lauren C

Here is our ‘Lambs room’ these practitioners work full time running our toddler room. Still in keeping with our home from home environment we move up the nursery to the Lambs. In this room everyday is a whole new adventure as these practitioners continue to build on creativity and imagination.

Lauren P, Bethany & Lauren C are all highly trained practitioners with endless amounts of experience, providing the best care and education for our toddlers


Calves Team!

Hannah, Abbie and Lizzy

Here is our team ‘Calves room’ these valuable practitioners work full time running our pre school room. A room that buzzes with positivity and responsibility as we prepare children for their next chapter of starting school
Abbie, Lizzy and Hannah do a superb job of preparing our oldest children for their next chapter

Chicks Team!

Hanna and Claire

Here is our team ‘Chicks room’ these marvellous practitioners run our 0-1 years room, within our baby room working closely with their neighbours in the Ducklings. These ladies are here to start most of our children’s journey at Old Macdonalds.
Providing a calm, caring responsive environment for our youngest children to explore and learn. A place to experience joy and wonder whilst feeling safe and secure.
Claire and Hanna are all highly trained in baby development, providing outstanding care and experiences for our youngest children.

Our Team: Our Team
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